Lesson 1: The Graveyard

Barbra: They ought to make the day the time changes the first day of summer.

Johnny: What?

Barbra: Well, it’s eight o’clock and it’s still light.

Johnny: A lot of good the extra daylight does us. Now we’ve still got a three-hour drive back. We’re not going to be home until after midnight.

Barbra: Well, if it really bugged you, Johnny, you wouldn’t do it.

Johnny: You think I wanna blow Sunday on a scene like this? You know, I figure we’re either gonna have to move mother out here, or move the grave into Pittsburgh.

Barbra: She can’t make a trip like this.

Johnny: Oh, I don’t know that she can’t.

Johnny: Is there any of that candy left?

Barbra: No.

Johnny: Look at this thing. “We still remember”. I don’t. You know, I don’t even remember what the man looks like.

Barbra: Johnny, it takes you five minutes.

Johnny: Yeah, 5 minutes to put the wreath on the grave and 6 hours to drive back and forth.

Johnny: Mother wants to remember…so we trot 200 miles into the country and she stays at home.

Barbra: Well, we’re here, John, all right?

Radio: Testing…Back on?

Radio: Ah, ladies and gentlemen…

Radio: We’re coming back on the air after an interruption due to a technical problem…

Johnny: There’s nothing wrong with the radio. Must’ve been the station.

Barbra: Which row is it in?

Johnny: There’s no one around.

Barbra: Well, it’s late. If you’d gotten up earlier…

Johnny: Oh, look, I already lost an hour’s sleep in the time change.

Barbra: I think you complain just to hear yourself talk.

Barbra: There it is.

Johnny: I wonder what happened to the one from last year.

Johnny: Each year we spend good money on these things. We come out here and the one from last year is gone.

Barbra: Well, the flowers die. The caretaker or somebody takes them away.

Johnny: Yeah, a little spit and polish, he can clean this up…and sell it next year. I wonder how many times we bought the same one?

Johnny: Hey, come on, Barb, church was this morning, huh?

Johnny: Hey, I mean, praying’s for church, huh? Come on.

Barbra: I haven’t seen you in church lately.

Johnny: Well, there’s not much sense in my going to church.

Johnny: Do you remember one time when we were small, we were out here?

Johnny: It was from right over there.

Johnny: I jumped out at you from behind the tree…and grandpa got all excited, and he shook his fist at me, and he said,

Johnny: “Boy, you’ll be damned to hell. ”

Johnny: Remember that? Right over there.

Johnny: You used to really be scared here.

Barbra: Johnny.

Johnny: You’re still afraid.

Barbra: Stop it now. I mean it!

Johnny: They’re coming to get you, Barbra.

Barbra: Stop it. You’re ignorant.

Johnny: They’re coming for you, Barbra.

Barbra: Stop it. You’re acting like a child.

Johnny: They’re coming for you.

Johnny: Look! There comes one of them now.

Barbra: He’ll hear you.

Johnny: Here he comes now. I’m getting out of here.

Barbra: Johnny!

Barbra: Johnny! Help Me!