Lesson 1: The Graveyard

Study the meaning of words in the video.

Try to understand the vocabulary before continuing the lesson. Tip: Click on the vocabulary words to open video clip examples.


  • candy (n) a small sweet treat
  • caretaker (n) a person who takes care of a graveyard
  • church (n) a religious building where people meet regularly; usually Christian
  • country (n) a place out of the city
  • daylight (n) the light of the day from the sun
  • fist (n) a closed hand
  • grandpa (n) the father of your mother or father
  • grave (n) where a person is buried after they die
  • hell (n) where bad and wicked people go after they die
  • midnight (n) twelve o’clock at night
  • row (n) things or people arranged in a straight line
  • scene (n) a place where something happens
  • sense (n) a reasonable attitude to something
  • spit (n) the saliva that comes from your mouth
  • station (n) a radio or TV channel
  • summer (n) the hottest season of the year
  • trip (n) the act of going or travelling somewhere
  • wreath (n) a circle of flowers and plants often used at graves


  • acting (v) ing form of act; to pretend to behave in a certain way
  • blow (v) to waste or miss an opportunity
  • bugged (v) to bug someone is to annoy someone again and again
  • complain (v) to say you don’t like something or you are not satisfied with it
  • die (v) to stop living
  • figure (v) to think or expect something to be the case
  • gonna (v) how “going to” is often spoken
  • ought (v) here used to talk about what is correct or right
  • polish (v) to rub something to make it shine
  • remember (v) to think of something that happened to you in the past
  • shook (v) past tense of shake
  • spend (v) to pay out with money to buy something
  • trot (v) to move at a speed between walking and running; usually horses trot
  • wanna (v) how “want to” is often spoken
  • wonder (v) to think about something in a curious way


  • afraid (adj) to be scared and feel fear
  • damned (adj) to suffer in hell forever
  • excited (adj) to be happy and eager about something
  • extra (adj) more than what is expected or necessary
  • ignorant (adj) to not know about something; to be uneducated
  • scared (adj) to be afraid; to have fear